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Cloud services Evolink.cloud is a large-scale high-performance cloud platform based on VMware, HP and Cisco systems technological solutions.

Evolink.cloud provides cost-effective, scalable and reliable IT infrastructure rental solutions. Unlike many other providers of cloud-based services, Evolink provides and guarantees the operation of all critical elements of the cloud ecosystem:

  • Data center;
  • Network;
  • Cloud infrastructure;
  • 24/7 support.


The main focus of Evolink's cloud platform is security, performance and flexibility.


  • Control of physical access to the data center;
  • IP level protection with complex firewall solutions;
  • Automated protection from DDoS attacks through a specialized filtration platform;
  • Reserved blade servers, reserved SAN storage arrays, reserved network connections;
  • VMware's capabilities to automatically migrate resources between individual hardware components.



  • Strict policy for providing a number of simultaneous input-output operations to the storage arrays;
  • Cluster of high-class servers and storage;
  • Nx10Gbps and Nx100Gbps network connectivity.



  • Ability to install any operating system;
  • Provision of complex configurations of virtual servers and platforms;
  • Short deadlines for implementation of additional resources upon request;
  • Internet access with a guaranteed speed selected by the customer;
  • Network connectivity to an internal corporate network or a virtual/physical connection to any telecom operator in Bulgaria or around the world.