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VPN Virtual Private Network

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

MPLS VPN (Multi-protocol label switching virtual private network) services of Evolink provide reliable and secure access to your network from any location in Bulgaria. This solution enables you to perform multiple tasks simultaneously – from critical business applications, CRM, ERP, accounting and warehouse management software, high-quality videoconferencing, voice services, to standard services such as email and web-based applications.

Evolink operates its MPLS network on the whole Bulgarian territory. This professionally built network enables us to provide high quality, high bandwidth, traffic management and fast and easy scalability. This technology allows for class of service (CoS) management for the VPN services, guaranteed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA). Another advantage of the MPLS technology is the traffic management through QoS – which means that the Evolink network enables marking of and prioritization of important customer traffic.

Evolink offers and provides its clients with two types of MPLS services:

  1. L2 InterCity Ethernet Connect – this service provides a “virtual private line over the Evolink IP network” where the client is able to organize independently his IP routing in his own virtual network.
  2. IP InterCity Ethernet Connect – this service provides an IP-based virtual private network over theEvolink MPLS network.