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Evolink CDN provides a full range of online video streaming services.

Live video and video-on-demand streaming, cloud storage, video encoding and transcoding. The platform provides multiple tools for advertising, security, statistics and analysis.


We understand online video and all the complexity around it and we make it simple and smooth for you.


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for process automation

Live streaming
Video on Demand
Web Acceleration
Cloud Storage
Video Encoding

Live video streaming for events and 24/7 TV channels.

Evolink CDN delivers live video streaming to an unlimited audience with no interruption nor buffering. Your video will be available to any viewer on any device. It can be embedded on your website and mobile application, and you are free to choose to use your own video player or one provided by Evolink.

Evolink does not apply any filters to the content and does put any limitations as to what you can broadcast.

We will also provide you with all necessary additional services for:

  • Ingesting your video signal into the CDN
  • Adaptive multi-bitrate transcoding of your video signal in real time 
  • Iframe for easy video embedding or direct link for use by your video player
  • Geoblock access to content at your request Security solutions through
  • Domain restrictions, Secure Token and DRM solutions
  • Detailed statistics about your online audience


A complete set of services for storing, processing and publishing recorded videos.

Evolink CDN makes it possible to publish libraries of video files of any size. We know that the size of your libraries is constantly growing, and we do not limit you to the storage space provided.

You choose whether to upload your video files via a web interface or automatically via API to our cloud storage. Each file can also be accompanied by metadata to make managing your media library easier.

After upload, each video file goes through an automated transcoding process in the number and types of output resolutions of your choice. This makes possible adaptive multi-bitrate video streaming via our CDN.

After successful transcoding of the video files, an automatic confirmation is received, including data for CDN publishing via iframe.

Recorded video materials can be published via our CDN and without uploading the content to Evolink cloud storage. This unique functionality of Evolink.CDN allows to cache and publish content that is actually stored on the client's remote storage.

Improve the speed and performance of your web site and applications.

Evolink.CDN caches your content on edge servers close to your users. Your content will be served from these servers and the load on your web host is reduced. Your website and applications will perform faster and more reliably.

By increasing the speed and performance of your website you improve the user experience for your viewers and you get better search engine ranking.

Evolink Cloud Storage is a software defined cloud object storage service. The service provides very high level of reliability through double replication.

Cloud Storage service is fully compatible with S3 API and provides great compatibility and easy migration of existing applications. It is extremely flexible. There is virtually no limit for the number of files stored or their total size.

Its REST APIs and software development kits (SDKs) allows high level of automation and integration with external CMSes.

Cloud storage is very convenient for storage of objects that will be directly published in web, due to its seamless integration with Evolink.CDN. The service is the ideal solution for large media libraries that constantly grow in size.

Quality and speedy video encoding are in the heart of each video streaming solution. The need for compression rate without sacrificing the high image quality and compliance with industry standards H.264 and H.265 make video encoding a critical process.

Evolink provides cloud-based video encoding/transcoding services for the widest range of needs:

  • Live video encoding/transcoding services
    - Video encoding from SDI input
    - Video encoding from live satellite TV feed
    - Video transcoding from IP multicast source (BIX.BG Multicast service)
    - Video transcoding for watermark insertion
  • Recorded video encoding/transcoding (VoD files)
    - Transcoding on upload with automated output to Cloud object storage
    - Bulk transcoding of large video libraries

For each of those work scenarios various output formats are generated with bitrate and resolution at customer discretion. This allows easy implementation of adaptive multi-bitrate video streaming.

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All services come with the following various features for security, monetization and reporting:



Geo-block access to your content only for a specific geographic area. It can be applied to live video streaming and video-on-demand. The choice which geo-restrictions to apply to a specified content is yours.

Security Access Token
A comprehensive content security mechanism that verifies that every request to the CDN platform came from the same end user who accessed your website or mobile app.
Domain lock

A security mechanism that prevents unauthorized attempts to publish your video content on domains other than the ones specified by you


Evolink CDN supports a customer-selected Digital Rights Management (DRM) system, transparently transferring DRM from end viewers to the content source.



Embedding ads before, during and after your video. We provide you with easy and efficient integration of your managed ad server compatible with VAST protocol.

Pay Per View

Through in-house developed APIs, you have the opportunity to authorize PPV access to end users only to content for which they have paid.

Evolink.CDN has integrations with several industry leading payment processing solutions, to easily enable PPV. Among them are EpayGO, Inplayer and Cleeng.


Unique viewers

Evolink CDN statistics allow you to track how many unique viewers watched your video content over a defined period of time. This statistics section counts by number of viewers, not by number of video reloads.


Evolink CDN statistics provide you with information on the number of viewers per country.


You receive information about the total volume of traffic from the video content streamed by the Evolink platform for a defined period.

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