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Map in Europe


How you can benefit from Evolink network

Your partner on the Balkans - Resilient Infrastructure & Extensive Network, Superior in Service, Innovation in Solutions

  • Highly resilient and secure network;
  • Extensive network with PoPs in more than 30 Bulgarian cities and serving customers in more than 250 locations;
  • International PoPs in Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris, Bucharest, London and Skopje;
  • One hop to minimum two Tier1 operators;
  • Direct links to over 550 international IP networks;
  • Possibility to connect to more than 35 operators present at Evolink Data Center Sofia;
  • Highly qualified and experienced team;
  • In-house Network Operations Center with English-speaking engineers;
  • Proactive network management;
  • Datacenters in 3 Bulgarian cities;
  • Focused on Ethernet services;
  • Direct links to DE-CIX and BIX.