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EVOLINK AD adopts Child Safeguard program

Viewing, purchasing, selling or exchanging images of child sexual abuse is big business. The internet has made it possible to distribute these images far and wide. The World Wide Web has no borders and such website owners are hard to locate. The problem is growing and calls for an effective international solution.

Evolink AD activated a service to restrict online access to child sexual abuse images and videos.

The service nam
ed Child Safeguard is available free of charge to all clients of the company using international internet access via the Evolink network.

We want to help reduce the economic incentive to produce the material as a first step by limiting the access and the potential audience.

Access to 800-1200 URLs is currently blocked and the blacklist is daily updated with newly appearing URLs with illegal content containing commercial and non-commercial child sexual abuse images as well as redirectors to and advertisements for that content.

  •  The service is developed with the help of Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) and Telia Sonera International Carrier.
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