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Evolink joins IPv6 day

June 8th, 2011 has been pronounced as the World IPv6 Day. The event is organised by the Internet Society (ISOC), a nonprofit organisation founded in 1992 to provide leadership in Internet related standards, education and policy and dedicated to ensuring the open development, evolution and use of the Internet for the benefit of people throughout the world. On 8 June, 2011, Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, Akamai and many more Internet companies including Evolink will be amongst some of the major organisations that will offer their content over IPv6 for a 24-hour “test flight”. For more information:

With the allocation of the last IPv4 address block by IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) the Internet business is facing a huge challenge how to keep the current pace of development and growth.

The need for taking measures for transition to IPv6 addresses is now completely tangible. The migration process is difficult and long. Evolink has been preparing for it for a long time.

If you have not started preparing for it in your organisation, now is the time to start.

Who needs to know about IPv6? *

Nearly everyone using the Internet today will be affected. Some more than others, some simply by allowing automatic software updates to provide their computing platform with the facilities needed to connect to an IPv6 enabled network.

  • If you are a system administrator or network engineer, you need to understand how to deploy and administer IPv6 on your existing equipment or figure out what hardware or software you need upgrade or install to support IPv6.
  • If you are a technical manager you need to ensure that your staff gains operational experience with IPv6 in order to support your organization and customers.
  • If you are in sales or marketing and your business depends on the Internet then you need to develop competitive strategies for how you will present your IPv6 capability when this becomes a market driver.
  • ™If you are in executive management (a CEO, COO, CFO or CIO) or are an investor in an Internet company, then you need to know about IPv6 from the risk management perspective of ensuring your organization has an IPv6 plan.
  • If you are an end user, you just need to look for IPv6 support when selecting network services, software, or hardware. It is everybody else's job to make sure you don't have to worry about the technical details of IPv6. ;)

RIPE NCC – the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) for Europe, the Middle East and parts of Asia – has designed a special website providing more information about the necessary steps recommended by RIPE NCC to be taken for smooth transition to IPv6. For details:

Evolink shall provide completely free of charge IPv6 address registration and technical consulting for their deployment.

We are happy to share our experience and knowledge in case you are interested in learning more about the opportunities and challenges which the new Internet Protocol provides the business with. Write to us at:


* Source: HE.COM

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