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Evolink joins LINX

On January 12th Evolink joined LINX – the London Internet Exchange.

This is yet another step in the network development plan of the company which aims to improve the quality of the IP services provided by Evolink. Evolink reports a continuously increasing demand for Internet capacity and constant high expectations for utmost quality of the connectivity, which would allow seamless use of the growing number of online video platforms, social networks and business applications.

At the same time Evolink also increased the capacity of its connectivity to another leading European Internet exchange - France IX.
Through these steps Evolink also improves the coverage and performance of its online video platform and CDN, which grew by 15% percent in 2015 compared to 2014 in terms of delivered video content.

Currently Evolink is a member of the following European centers where ISPs and network operators exchange traffic:

DE-CIX, Frankfurt
AMS-IX, Amsterdam
France-IX, Paris
Equinix-Paris, Paris
LINX, London
BIX, Sofia

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