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Evolink stats show huge growth in online audience during the group stage of EURO 2012

The company is the main partner of the Bulgarian National Television (BNT) for providing video streaming services over the Internet of the BNT channels. The group stage of the European Football championship was seen online by 726 thousands viewers, or 60 thousand viewers daily on average. The peak of the BNT online stream was on June, 10th when 85 thousands viewers watched online two matches from Euro 2012 and the key qualification match of the Bulgarian national volleyball team against Egypt.

The video traffic for the first 11 days of the Euro 2012 reached 106 000 GB, and 1,4 million page loading of the online BNT channels has been served.

Using Evolink CDN, BNT provides the sports fans with live streaming on its websites, and The new BNT websites provide the audience with possibility to watch the online video via the most popular mobile devices. More than 60,000 viewers were reported to have used smart phones and tablets, including the iPhone and iPad.

All the numbers represent only Bulgarian audience as the video streams are restricted only to Bulgaria.

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