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From Flash to HTML5 and SSL

Evolink chose to migrate all its video streaming services from Flash to HTML5 and SSL. Following our constant strives to improve the service quality and following the global trends, Evolink says goodbye to Flash-based video content distribution from the beginning of 2017.

The main challenges for the online video streaming is the compatibility with every screen (every customer device) and the security of the content. Addressing both of these goals Evolink migrates to completely HTTP/S-based video streaming in its CDN.

Evolink customers can benefit from a lighter and more flexible model for video streaming of their content and at the same they will improve the experience for their end viewers. Video streaming towards every screen – computers, smart phones, tablets, game consoles, set-top-box, smart TVs, etc. without the need to install additional plug-ins and in the lightest format possible is in the heart of Evolink CDN.

Along with the migration to fully HTTP / S-based video streaming, the company activated version 2 of its famous suite of tools for video security. Companies publishing online video through Evolink CDN, can rest assure that their content will be accessed only by users to whom it was addressed and only following the logic for accessing the content that they have defined.

Combining key features such as Time to Live, Geographic Restrictions, MD5 Hash string, URL / Domain lock and Expiration Parameter, Evolink customers automate the processes to protect their online streaming through convenient APIs directly on the CDN level. Extra level of protection is achieved by using the SSL protocol for each streaming session.

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