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Emergency broadcasts of BNT and the Council of Ministers


Bulgarian National Television and the Council of Ministers provide a free signal for broadcasting the emergency briefings of the Council of Ministers in relation to Covid-19.

Online video broadcasting takes place via Evolink's CDN streaming platform.

The emmergency briefings are available to all media in Bulgaria as two separate video streams.

Video stream 1 - Broadcasting of BNT

Video stream 2 – Broadcast of the Council of Ministers (without BNT logo)

For information and details about the video player and iframe, please visit:

Video streaming content for both streams is provided by Evolink. When embedding the specified codes in your website, the selected player will be displayed directly there, and all generated traffic is provided free of charge by Evolink.

An alternative option for receiving the video signal

We enable you to receive the video signal to embed in your player and broadcast online through a video platform of your choice. Available signal pull protocols are: RTMP, RTSP and HLS.

If you wish to use this option, please send to the IP address from which you will access the signal. In response, we will send you direct access URLs. They will only be active for the IP addresses you submit. You will receive RTMP, RTSP and HLS addresses, both for the broadcast with the BNT logo and for the broadcast without the logo, and you are free to choose which one to use. Please include contact details for technical issues in your letter.

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