Case Studies

What we did for

Bulgarian media group

The client wants to expand their online presence with a focus on video streaming.



The customer

A Bulgarian media group with a long history. The company is well known to the audience and reflects news in political, economic and cultural life in the country and around the world. As part of the group, the client also runs a specialized sports media. Journalists and anchors of news and sports programs in the media are very popular with the Bulgarian audience and have become iconic figures in the sports and news journalism.


The challenge

The client wants to expand their online presence with a focus on video production. They want to publish a live 24/7 video stream on their website; be able to quickly and easily cut, edit and post highlights from that stream as soon as a live event is over; in addition, they wish to be able to publish a number of other videos that are not part of the live broadcast.

The client is planning to completely revamp their websites but is facing a number of challenges related to the processing, storage and publishing of the videos. Among the unsolvable tasks are:

  • Popular online public video platforms apply filters to the audio stream. Often times, their algorithms detect and flag certain music content as infringing copyrights and block the entire video stream. Proving the existence of broadcast rights is a cumbersome and slow process, and in the meantime, the online stream is already compromised in front of the audience.
  • Inability to control and manage the ads in the video content in case they publish on a free video platform.
  • Inability to automate the process of processing video materials through appropriate APIs.
  • It takes too much time for them to produce clips from the already broadcasted live stream.
  • Finding a reliable repository for a huge and ever-growing media library
  • The lack of competent technical support that is always available and able to react immediately.


Why Evolink

The client approached us because of Evolink's reputation as a preferred provider of video streaming solutions, and because of references that client employees had from successful previous projects with our company.


The approach

The challenge, the available infrastructure and resources, and the desired implementation deadlines are clarified at a meeting between the client's representatives, the web design company hired by the client and Evolink.

Within 24 hours, the client has already received a complete proposal.



Evolink offered a solution that covered all the client's requirements and was based on in-house developed services and modules in its cloud and CDN platforms. A very minimal level of customization of the solution was required, which greatly reduced the budget for the client.

The solution included broadcasting of a 24/7 video stream, as well as of additional live events when needed. The applied customization of the solution concerned the automatic recording of live broadcasts and tools for their subsequent editing and transcoding. This drastically reduced the editorial team's workload input and reduced the time to publish clips by over 70%.

Evolink proposed a mechanism for automatic transcoding of the video files and their subsequent storage in our Object storage was particularly convenient for the web design team, which through an API interface could easily integrate the entire process into the client's content management system.

Logical diagram of the proposed solution:



All media files stored in the object storage repository, as well as signals for live broadcasts, are published on the client's website via iframe.Thus, Evolink provides the client with a suitable video player compatible with all screens and all devices.

The provided video player also allows for fully functional advertising serving (before, during and after the video) under the full control of the client and according to their media plan.




The client receives:

  • A complete solution for publishing massive live and recorded video content
  • Simplified work process of the editorial team
  • The peace of mind that video content will load and play quickly and seamlessly for an unlimited audience worldwide
  • 24x7 technical support and consultations
  • Ability to rapidly grow your online presence