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Virtual servers

You need a cloud server:

  • That will manage your corporate email;
  • That will manage your web resources;
  • That will handle peak traffic;
  • That will host your ERP system, accounting software or warehouse software;
  • That will store your corporate information, contracts and offers;
  • That you can use for software testing needs

and for any purpose. We scale on demand. You will get a virtual server suitable to meet your current needs. You do not need to invest in buying a more powerful server based on future needs.


Configure and order your personal Virtual server at www.vcloud.bg.


The Evolink.cloud platform will provide not only basic system functionalities but you can receive complex configurations with multiple customized additional functionalities based on your needs.

Some of them are:

  • Defining specific configuration by number of CPUs and cores, e.g. 1 CPU with 8 cores or 2 CPUs with 4 cores.
  • Enormous RAM size for a virtual server: up to 96GB.
  • Enormous single disk partition – up to 1.9 TB.
  • Defining a disk arrays with specific rotational speed by guaranteeing as many IOPS as needed by the specific application.
  • vSphere Fault Tolerance (FT). Maximize uptime and reduce downtime management costs by enabling vSphere Fault Tolerance (FT) for your virtual machines. FT provides zero downtime, zero data loss, and continuous availability for your applications, without the cost and complexity of traditional hardware or software clustering solutions.
  • Integrating the cloud resources with the corporate network by providing guaranteed connections to the remote offices, Dedicated Internet Access, connectivity to your company Virtual private network (VPN), IPs from specific address space, etc.

Contact us to request a proposal for a complex cloud solution.

More information about Evolink cloud services: www.vcloud.bg