Evolink E-mail Protect

Evolink E-mail Protect is a secure means of protecting corporate e-mail from spam, computer viruses and other threats.

Evolink E-mail Protect:

  • It is quick and easy to configure
  • Provides effective protection against a wide range of e-mail threats
  • It is updated in real time to always ensure reliable protection
  • Is a solution that does not burden the corporate budget
  • It is based on a cloud platform. It does not require any investment in hardware and software on your part


How it works

The implementation of Evolink E-mail Protect is effortless on your part. You do not need to install additional software or purchase new hardware. You will not have to make any configurations on your computers. Contact us to activate the protection of your e-mail within 24 hours. The Evolink E-mail Protect service includes:
  • Block spam content
  • Scanning for malicious code (viruses and derivatives)
  • Scan content and attachments to emails
  • Prevent e-mail attacks
  • Managed emails (client interface)
  • 24x7x365 protection and support
  • Free 30-day test period


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What is necessary

The only thing you need to use Evolink E-mail Protect service is to have your own e-mail domain (for example mycompany.bg). It doesn't matter if your e-mail server is under your control or not. It doesn't matter who your ISP is.

By modifying the MX records for your domain, your e-mail is redirected for cleaning via Evolink E-mail Protect.


How to use the service

We will provide you with a user-friendly interface for managing and monitoring the service. Through it, you will be able to set your own rules for handling emails in addition to the built-in protection. You will be able to monitor statistical information about the use of the service - how many and what type of attacks were intercepted, where they came from, to whom they were aimed.


What it costs

The service is provided with an annual subscription. Protection for one domain with up to 1000 mailboxes costs only BGN 250 per year excluding VAT. We also offer discounts for prepayment for longer periods and volume discounts. 


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