Case Studies

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Online Store

A well-known company, one of the largest importers of clothing, accessories and shoes with a wide-spread network of stores and a recognizable brand.



The client operates a chain of stores throughout the country but wants to expand and develop its business into online sales. They have partners in Greece, Romania and Poland but aim to serve customers throughout Europe. They hired a company to develop and integrate an online store, a payment system and an accounting module. They need an environment for their e-store as well as for the developers.

The main challenge is to obtain a working solution for hosting the online store and all related systems, which guarantees both speed, reliability and the ability to meet a sharp increase in customers during active sales promotions.

The client defines as key factors 100% uptime and 24/7 support with an optimally sized infrastructure that does not exceed its budget.



Evolink offered a well-balanced solution, combining cloud infrastructure from Evolink.Cloud and co-location of physical servers in Evolink Data Center Sofia 2. The client receives a sustainable solution, optimized technically and financially, and customized entirely according to their needs. Cloud services and the co-location service are complemented with additional security solutions. Protection from DDoS attacks is essential nowadays and gives additional peace of mind to the customer and stability of the online store. Evolink added data backup and recovery solution as well, which in addition to reliability gives the developers more freedom when implementing new software modules.

The excellent connectivity and low latency to the World Wide Web ensure fast performance of the e-shop for customers from all over Europe. The proposed consulting services in terms of combining virtual and physical infrastructure allowed the client to reduce the initially planned server resources by nearly 30%. The savings from spending on infrastructure were redirected to development and marketing.



The customer receives:

  • Secure environment for the online store
  • Resilience and redundancy
  • Service continuity and guaranteed uptime 24x7
  • A profitable and optimized solution
  • Possibility of rapid growth of the online business