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Remote Peering

"Remote peering" service provides you direct access to Internet exchanges from any Evolink PoP without committing to significant investments through our network and partnership with:

  • DE-CIX - Founded in 1995, DE-CIX in Frankfurt is the Internet Exchange that provides direct and settlement-free IP interconnection ("peering") infrastructure to over 450 leading internet providers from 52 countries.
  • BIX – the Bulgarian Internet eXchange. Established in the mid 2009, BIX.BG is the first neutral Bulgarian Internet eXchange Point (IXP) located in Sofia. More than 40 members are joined to it through high speed connections.

With remote peering you are not required to build dedicated infrastructures at these exchanges. Instead you connect with them remotely, enabling you to reduce capital costs and potentially benefit from enhanced network performance due to lower latency.


  • A cost-effective and efficient opportunity for additional routing options;
  • No far end equipment needed, peer directly from your existing router;
  • Delivering bandwidth-on-demand – 100 Mbps up to 10 Gbps;
  • Low latency connectivity directly to the Internet exchanges;
  • Available at any Evolink PoP locations