Evolink Data Center Sofia 1 header image

Evolink Data Center Sofia 1

Location details

  • Accessed via two main roads, 10 minutes from Sofia Airport:

- Shipchenski prohod Blvd.

- Tzarigradsko shosse Blvd.

  • Located outside industrial area;
  • Located outside residential area.


Building and premises characteristics

  • Build of two monolithic iron-concrete structures placed one inside the other;
  • Equipped with a loading platform;
  • Situated at “minus 1” floor;
  • No windows and no signs;
  • Capacity – 220 sq. meters;
  • Raised floor with load capacity for dispersed load 2000 kg per sq. meter;
  • Raised floor with load capacity for point load 550 kg per sq. inch;
  • Raised floor with fire resistance up to 60 minutes.


Rack/ Cabinet technical characteristics

  • 19’ racks collocated equipment – communication or server racks;
  • Power supply per rack – 2-6 kW;



  • Connected via high-speed fiber links to more than 35 communication services providers;


Power supply redundancy

  • Two UPS systems. They provide backup of the power supply for 60 minutes;
  • 220 kW Diesel Power Generator. The generator provides backup of the power supply for unlimited time (as much as necessary);


Climate control

  • Temperatures range 20-23 degrees Celsius;
  • Humidity range –50-60 percent;
  • Redundant Climate Control Systems, two systems whereas each one of the systems can independently support the entire data center;
  • The power supply of the Climate Control Systems is reserved by the diesel generator;



  • Access card control system;
  • 24x7 life guard security;
  • Video surveillance with digital recording at the entrances/exits and the passages between the racks;
  • Electronic security system;


Fire and flood detection systems

  • Water detection system in the raised floor using sensor cable;
  • Analogue-addressing fire-detection system covering the volumes under and over the raised floor with independent circles;
  • Automated gas fire-extinguishing (flooding type) with extinguishing agent corresponding to EU standards - HFC227 (FM-200);
  • Separate independent fire-detection system for the gas fire-extinguishing system;
  • Fire resistant metal entrance/exit doors.