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Evolink Data Center Sofia 2


  • Three level security access control – biometric readers, pin code and RF ID card.
  • 24x7 life guard security.
  • Video surveillance with digital recording at the entrances/exits and the passages between the racks.
  • 360 degrees video monitoring around the facility perimeter.
  • Locking cabinets.


Location details

  • Accessed via two main roads, 25 minutes from Sofia Airport:

- Okolovrasten pat Str. (Sofia round road)

- Tzar Boris III Blvd.

  • Located outside industrial area.

Building and premises characteristics

  • Building especially designed for data center purposes.
  • Capacity – 300 sq. meters.
  • High-density closed zone.
  • Raised floor with load capacity for dispersed load 1350kg per sq.meter.
  • Raised floor 600 mm clear space.
  • Regulated aluminium removable floor tiles.
  • Equipped with a loading platform.
  • Situated at ground level floor.
  • No windows and no signs.

Rack/ Cabinet technical characteristics

  • 800mm/1000mm locking cabinets.
  • Redundant power supply per cabinet - 4-10 kW.

Power supply redundancy

  • Redundant power supply system 2x(N+1).
  • Diverse A&B supply, distributed via busbar system.
  • Latest generation Emerson UPS system providing backup of the power supply.
  • 880kVA Diesel Power Generator supporting 24-hour at full capacity, 24/7 fuel delivery.

Climate control

  • Temperatures levels: 22 degree C +/- 2 degree C.
  • Humidity levels: 45-55% RH;
  • Highly efficient free cooling Climate Control System.
  • Redundant N+1.
  • Raised floor 600 mm, no power and telecommunication cables.
  • The power supply of the Climate Control Systems is reserved by the diesel generator.

Fire and flood detection systems

  • Flood detection system in the raised floor via sensors.
  • Very early warning aspirating smoke detection (VESDA).
  • Automated gas fire-extinguishing with a new generation of extinguishing agent – NOVEC 1230 with zero effect on the ozone layer.
  • Two separate independent fire-detection systems.
  • Fire resistant metal entrance/exit doors.

Evolink Data Center Sofia 2