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IP Ethernet Connect

"IP Ethernet Connect" service is a high quality solution for connecting geographically dispersed customer offices into a single corporate network. It is an IP-based virtual private network build over the Evolink MPLS network. The customer’s sites are physically connected to the Evolink network in the different regions of the country via local Ethernet links provided by our company.

Key Benefits of the IP Ethernet Connect service provided by Evolink:

  • High efficiency
    • a cost-effective solution requiring minimum investment by cutting the costs for leased lines with the effective use of the Evolink intelligent MPLS network;
    • provides full-mesh communication saving the costs for office-to-office communication for the client;
    • no special VPN equipment required for each customer location.
  • Easy management
    • a fully-scalable solution – new locations are easily added to the existing VPN network and the capacities easily upgraded;
  • Security
    • a solution enabling separation of the customer traffic from any other similar traffic in the network;
  • Quality
    • enables identification of different traffic types, traffic prioritization by labeling the packets and not based on the IP address;
    • provides a secure platform for multimedia, voice and data over a single scalable network.

IP Ethernet Connect service features:

  • MPLS based service in accordance with RFC2547/RFC4364;
  • Access IP MPLS VPN ports: 100% guaranteed capacity of the access ports to the National MPLS Network in all PoPs of the company;
  • Capacity of the access IP MPLS VPN ports: as required by the client, from 256 Kbps up to 100 Mbps;
  • Physical interface type of access IP MPLS VPN port: Ethernet 10/100Mbps
  • Network access method (Link type): Fiber-optic Ethernet line between the customer location and Evolink National MPLS Network;
  • Class of Service (CoS): is the categorization of different types of data packets according to their business criticality. Service classes are determined according to the applications used by the customer over the VPN and prioritized accordingly. Evolink IP MPLS Ethernet Connect VPN service supports four CoS types:
    • Class A – Premium Traffic: this class is recommended for Voice over IP (VoIP), Video over IP, and other time-critical data.
    • Class B – Critical Traffic: this class is suitable for high-priority, delay-sensitive data services.
    • Class C – Business Traffic: this class is appropriate for medium-priority data applications where time-sensitivity is less critical.
    • Class D – Normal Traffic: is used for applications with the lowest business priority and which are not time-sensitive.
  • Link Layer protocol for the IP VPN ports of the customer to the Evolink PoPs: Ethernet;
  • Service Desk: 24x7x365 support of the IP MPLS Ethernet Connect service;
  • Port utilization detailed statistics via web interface for each IP VPN ports;
  • Value-added Service Options;
  • Managed CPE: delivery, installation and support of a router or other end-device for each customer location;
  • Fully Redundant access: When customer locations require the highest level of availability, Evolink can provide fully redundant access to the National MPLS Network. Where full redundancy is required, customer sites are connected to the National MPLS Network via two separate Ethernet lines.