L2 Ethernet Connect header image

L2 Ethernet Connect

L2 Ethernet Connect service is a high quality solution for connecting geographically dispersed customer offices into a single corporate network on a Link Layer 2 level. The customer’s sites are physically connected to the Evolink network in the different regions of the country via local Ethernet links provided by our company.

Advantages of the L2 Ethernet Connect service provided by Evolink:

  • High efficiency
    • a cost-effective solution based on the intelligent Evolink MPLS network which reduces the initial facility investment and communication costs and the operation, maintenance and management costs;
    • the client requests and pays only for the capacity he needs.
  • Easy management
    • a turn-key solution ready for direct implementation and easy management by the customer;
    • enables easy migration and integration with the existing Layer 2 level networks;
  • Security
    • provides high security level without any intervention by the provider regarding the IP routing of the customer;
  • Quality
    • provides high quality and reliability based on the MPLS Traffic Engineering and Class of Service.

L2 Ethernet Connect service features:

  • 100% guaranteed capacity for each customer Layer 2 virtual circuit;
  • Type of each virtual Layer 2 circuit: 100% symmetrical virtual channel for data transfer;
  • No limit on the bandwidth of the customer Layer 2 virtual circuits: from 1 Mbps up to 10 Gbps (for certain nodes of the Evolink IP MPLS network);
  • Local access: Ethernet links with the necessary capacity for service provisioning;
  • Proactive CPE monitoring;
  • Technical Support: 24x7 Service Desk;
  • Non-stop monitoring of the load, performance and the correct functionality of the customer Layer2 virtual circuits via WEB interface